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    Welcome to Phaeros

    Phaeros Joins the Saab Family

    On September 1, 2016, Phaeros became part of Saab AB. Details of this change can be found in the press release. For more information on Saab's activities in the maritime domain, see

    Phaeros develops software applications specifically for ports and cargo terminals. Our applications include a port management & community system, a single- and multi-purpose terminal management system, a maritime invoicing solution as well as an oil & gas export administration system.

    Our customers today are ports and port authorities, container and general cargo terminals, as well as oil & gas exporting facilities. To each of these customers we have provided one or more of our off-the-shelf, yet customizable software solutions.

    Port Management &
    Community System

    The main component of Phaeros' Port Management & Community System is "Harbour View Plus". It enables all members of the port community to exchange information on port activities and it allows
    the port to manage its operations efficiently.

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    Cargo Terminal
    Management System

    Phaeros' cargo terminal solution is centered around "Cargo System", in which terminals will record information on containers and non-containerised cargo that are expected at the terminal, and to follow up the day-to-day operations in real-time.

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    Maritime Invoicing

    Invoicing of port and terminal operations requires a specialised solution. "BillSys" is Phaeros' invoicing system, which can be integrated with Phaeros' Port and Terminal Management Systems or interfaced to third-party Terminal Operating Systems.

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