Oil & Gas Exports

Oil & Gas Exports

Harbour View - Oil & Gas Ship Loading System

Exporting oil & gas via maritime facilities is a complex process which requires not only a careful planning of vessel calls and production, but also a large number of administrative formalities.

A special module to Harbour View has therefore been developed focusing precisely on the export processes at oil & gas facilities, such as LNG terminals.

A first important aspect of the exporting of oil & gas cargo by vessels is to keep a good overview of the vessels that are planning to make a call to the facility. This information is registered in the main module of Harbour View. The administrative and operational processes related to the vessel arrivals (and departures) itself are dealt with in Harbour View. This can also include the provision of various services, including pilots, tugboats, equipment hire and much more.

A second aspect refers to the loading operations. A tanker may be taking several different shipments for multiple consignees. The quantities and details of each of these shipments will be registered in the Oil & Gas Ship Loading module of Harbour View.

During the loading process, the actual quantities of loaded products will also be recorded in the system, together with various kinds of other details, such as the quality, results of lab tests and any special remarks.

After the loading is completed, the Oil & Gas Ship Loading system will automatically distribute the total loaded quantity across the various consignees and will produce the required export documentation and certificates.

The time gains that are achieved at terminals thanks to this automation is very significant, allowing vessels to set sail much more quickly.