Maritime Invoicing

Maritime Invoicing


Phaeros' invoicing solution, BillSys, is a versatile tool as it can be used for invoicing of port operations, as well as for invoicing of cargo terminal operations.

The application has been designed in such a way that contracts and tariff sheets can be defined for a very wide variety of activities and operations to ensure that the application meets the needs of both ports and terminal operators.

BillSys can be interfaced to numerous applications to capture operations data, including Harbour View Plus and Cargo System, but also to third-party port management and terminal operating systems, including Cosmos and Navis.

The invoice calculations of BillSys are based on contracts and tariff sheets on the one hand and on the actual operations data on the other.

Multiple customer specific contracts, each with their own specific charges for certain activities, as well as a general tariff list can be registered in BillSys. For each contract or tariff sheet the activities to be invoiced, the corresponding rates and some other details are registered. 

The operations data is automatically collected from the underlying port or terminal management system (Harbour View Plus, Cargo System or third party systems), or it can be entered manually. BillSys processes the data and automatically determines the applicable contract or tariff sheet. 

The calculation of the invoice can be done at several times, either in the form of a Pre-Invoice (prior to the actual operations) or in the form of an Invoice Proposal (after the operations). After reviewing the proposed invoices and making any desired modifications, the invoices can be approved and finalised by an authorised invoice clerk. Any changes to a finalised invoice will result in a credit note. 

The invoice data can also be exchanged with an accounting or finance system.