Terminal Management

Terminal Management


Invoicing at a cargo terminal is in many cases a difficult process, especially due to the complexity of the contracts, the large number of different charges and the unavailability of operations data in due time.

Thanks to the combination of Cargo System and BillSys, this complex task can now be simplified and automated.

The operations data is stored in Cargo System, whereas the financial data (contract details and invoices) are stored in Billys, in which also the invoice calculation is done.

In BillSys a general tariff sheet or tariffs based on contracts with individual customers can both be defined. For each activity that is to be invoiced a rate is defined in function of a number of criteria.

Some examples: In a terminal environment there might be stevedoring and handling charges in function of the type of cargo, storage charges (including a number of free days), charges for special handling (stuffing & stripping, reefer monitoring, …), etcetera.

All of these charges can be freely configured and updated in BillSys. At pre-defined triggers, periods or manually invoked, BillSys will calculate all applicable charges for each vessel or line as per the appropriate contract and automatically generate an invoice, which can also be exchanged with a finance or accountancy system.

Special features in BillSys include the provisions for consortia of shipping lines, graduated calculations, manual modifications to data and invoices (subject to access rights), generation of credit notes, etcetera.