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Harbour View Plus is the latest version of Phaeros’ well known and long standing Harbour View application. After being in service for more than 10 years, Harbour View is now completely renewed and rebuild using the latest technology with specific attention to the look and feel of the application, the user-friendliness and the web functionality and is rebranded as Harbour View Plus.

The purpose of Harbour View Plus is for the Harbour Master or Port Controller to capture all relevant information regarding vessels that plan to visit the port, to take operational decisions based on the provided information and to follow up the operations. In addition also other involved parties, including agents, service suppliers and government bodies can use the available information for their internal processes.

The functionality of Harbour View Plus can be split up into 2 main parts: the Port Management System functionality and the Port Community System functionality, both of which are of course thigthly integrated.

Harbour View Plus as a Port Community System

The objective of Harbour View Plus as a Port Community System is to allow various members of the Port Community to exchange information with each other.

Harbour View Plus is an application that can be fully accessed via the web by external parties in order to submit, review and update information related to vessel calls. By adding the EDI module to Harbour View Plus, also the exchange for various electronic messages in different formats is available.

Information that is typically generated and submitted through Harbour View Plus includes:

  • Vessel arrival & departure notices
  • Requests for port services
  • Cargo manifests
  • Dangerous goods declaration
  • Waste declaration
  • Passenger & crew declaration
  • Permit request

However, also other information related to the port operations can be exchanged, either through EDI messages or through dedicated web forms.

Harbour View Plus as a Port Management System

In its function of a Port Management System, Harbour View Plus allows the processing of the information that has been submitted in order to take operational decisions and to follow up the port operations and vessel movements.

A Harbour Master can review the submitted data about planned vessel movements and can approve the visit to the port. In doing so the Harbour Master is assisted by a large number of features of the application, including checks if all mandatory data has been submitted, if the vessel characteristics are known, if mandatory port services (e.g. pilots and tugboats) have been requested (and accepted) or if any physical restrictions would prevent the vessel from coming to the port.

Service suppliers can also log on to the system to see that their services have been requested and can accept to provide the service. Details of the provided services can also be recorded in Harbour View Plus, which are then also available for invoicing.

Since all information is stored centrally in Harbour View Plus there are a large number of non-negligible advantages:

  • All data is recorded once and is accessible to all involved parties (subject to access rights)
  • Updates (e.g. in case of a vessel delay) need to be entered once and the notification system of Harbour View Plus can automatically inform all involved parties using various formats
  • The data is accessible to other applications, including Phaeros’ billing system BillSys.

Optional Modules

In addition to the core functionality of Harbour View Plus, also additional features are available through the optional modules.

Port View

Port View is an optional module to Harbour View Plus, which visualises the port and the position of vessels in real-time in a 3-dimensional overview.

The layout of the port is fully designed and kept up to date by a system administrator using the integrated design tools. The position information of vessels is received in real time from Harbour View Plus, which in turn is being updated through VTS, AIS or manually.

Berth View

Berth View is an optional module to Harbour View Plus, which allows to visualize and plan the berth occupancy. All vessel calls stored in Harbour View Plus are automatically displayed on the Berth View overview in function of the location (berth), size of the vessel and planned time at berth.

Any berth conflicts are displayed and can be rectified by dragging and dropping one of the vessels to another location or time slot. The new berth or time will automatically be reflected in Harbour View Plus.


Nav View

Nav View is an optional module to Harbour View Plus, which represents the navigation channel occupancy, based on information stored in Harbour View Plus.

En route to the port, vessels will (in most ports) pass a number of passage points in a navigation channel. The sequence in which vessels are scheduled to arrive at each of the passage points is displayed in Nav View. Based on this information, a number of decisions related to vessel arrivals and departures can then be taken.