Port Management


Phaeros’ solution for ports consists of a number of independent applications and modules which can be integrated with to one another. Each port can thus select those applications that are needed to meet their specific requirements.

  • Harbour View Plus is the core of the system in which all data is stored centrally. In Harbour View Plus members of the port community are able to exchange information with each other and with the port (authority). The port or Harbour Master can authorize the planned vessel calls to the port and the various vessel movements and port services can be followed up. Optional modules to Harbour View Plus include Port View, Berth View and Nav View
  • The EDI application is used to submit, receive and process electronic messages which are sent between the various members of the port community.
  • BillSys is the invoicing solution in which all contracts and tariffs are defined for the various port activities. Based on the data stored in Harbour View Plus, the applicable charges are calculated and invoices are generated.
  • RMS is a Resource Management System, which is used to register all available resources and to assign these to tasks that are to be executed.