About Us

Company Overview

Phaeros is a committed and growing company in the port and cargo terminal software market. Our ambition is to become your preferred partner for software solutions for your port or cargo terminal.

Phaeros is a Belgian company, founded in 1999, providing off-the-shelf software applications dedicated to the port and cargo terminal industry. With an installed base in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Australia and a subsidiary in Asia, Phaeros can truly be considered a global company.

In the early days, Phaeros developed a port management & community system called Harbour View, which has now been installed in a number of ports around the world. In addition to this application, Phaeros also developed a variety of other applications over the years, including a solution for cargo terminals (Cargo System), an invoicing system (BillSys) and a number of other supporting systems.

The design, development, implementation and support of our software applications is managed by a team of over 30 professionals based in Antwerp (Belgium) and Chennai (India). Phaeros staff have significant experience and expertise in both port and cargo terminal operations, as well as in software development, making our applications both technologically advanced and practically useful.