About Us

Management Team

Every member of the Phaeros management team has a long background in the maritime industry.

Thanks to this experience, the Phaeros management team has built a strong organization that develops and markets information systems for the port & terminal business.

The Phaeros management team is actively involved in the development of the software applications and the implementation thereof. This way they keep up to speed with the new challenges in the industry and understand how the applications need to evolve.

General Manager of Phaeros is Mr. Stan De Smet. Stan has a background in the port industry since the late 1970's. He first joined the Flemish Pilotage Office as IT Manager, before founding Phaeros in 1999.

Phaeros' development team is headed by Mr. Marc Verpooten. Marc joined Phaeros after a career for Hessenatie, a leading container terminal operator in the Port of Antwerp, and as co-founder and Director of Cosmos, a world leading software company developing Terminal Operating Systems.