GASCO, one of the largest associated and non-associated natural gas processing companies in the world, has successfully implemented Phaeros’ Harbour View application to administer the vessel operations and produce all required ship loading documents, as part of their larger PRISM project.

To this extent, the core Harbour View application was extended with a separate module capturing all data related to marine and the loading operations, based on which all shipping documents and reports are produced automatically and instantaneously.

With this new application, GASCO is able to eliminate double data entry, drastically reducing the possibilities of errors and even more importantly gaining significant time savings which allows vessels to leave the facilities remarkably quicker.

This new module of Harbour View is unique in its kind and shows once again Phaeros’ openness and flexibility to enhancing its applications to meet the customer’s requirements.

Within the PRISM project, Harbour View also interfaces with a number of other applications, which have been implemented by Honeywell Middle East and other partners.